Patrick Steadman Aspiring clinician-scientist at The University of Toronto

Blogging at SfN 2017

Hi! I am one of the 2017 Society for Neuroscience Bloggers. I will be posting at Neuronline under the official bloggers tags and at my website. I will be writing about these two themes:

  • G - Motivation and Emotion
  • H - Cognition


My background is in learning and memory, neuroimaging and computer analysis. I am interested in writing about engrams, neuronal circuits in neuropsychiatric disorders and how we are uncovering them using new techniques, and lastly the relationship between neuroscience and artificial intelligence. I’m in particular hoping to chat with graduate students and post-docs, getting their perspective and profiling their contributions.

See you in November!

Patrick E. Steadman, MSc
PhD Candidate, Frankland Lab, The Hospital for Sick Children
MD-PhD Student, University of Toronto
Neuronline: @patrick.steadman
Twitter: @pesteadman

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