Patrick Steadman MD-PhD student at The University of Toronto

Memory circuitry underlying decision making

Making decisions at #SfN17

How do we utilize our memories to influence decisions? Dr. Daphna Shohamy answered this question where she showed memory-influenced decisions utilized a hippocampal-striatal functional connection, whereas non-memory influenced decisions did not.

Dr. Shohamy’s lecture was enjoyable and clear. Through creative experiments she found the striatumas and the hippocampu work together to influence decisions. She presented a series of data using inventive tasks demonstrating functional connectivity between these two regions was strong when a decision integrated information in a relational sense.

Relational Memory, 50%

This finding is particularly interesting as the striatum traditionally is thought necessary for determining an ‘average value’ via habit formation and incremental learning. Whereas the hippocampus is known for a specific episodic focus as well as flexibility in memory. These two seem like opposing qualities. However they come together when tasks require integrating learned information as needed in relational memory.

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