Patrick Steadman Aspiring clinician-scientist at The University of Toronto

The MD/PhD program at UofT

The MD/PhD program at the University of Toronto is the largest of its kind in Canada. My class, starting in 2013, had 11 students in it. The program is run out of the Faculty of Medicine and as the name states is split into two sections: the MD side and the PhD side.

MSc at University of Toronto

Where to learn about my MSc work, if you really want to...

BSc at McMaster University

Information on my BSc - My beginnings at McMaster University in Hamilton.

The key to early diagnosis in Autism: three research areas

ā€œIā€™m hoping they will realize they get better bang for their buck, the earlier intervention is given.ā€ - said Simone Papernick of Whitby.

Autism research, traversing the full spectrum to help children

With a prevalence of one in 88 children, autism has moved to the forefront of discussions amongst Canadian parents. To propel this discussion from the kitchen table to the greater community, the Toronto Star produced a useful series entitled the Autism Project. Yet, little has been discussed on how research is describing brain dysfunction in autism and developing treatments to correct this.