Patrick Steadman MD-PhD student at The University of Toronto

Updated ruby on OS X 12 using HomeBrew

My old Gemfile.lock had a dependency with a known DoS vulnerability and Github notified me to fix. This ran into some issues of OS X 12 install of ruby (v 2.0.0) so I decided to switch over to HomeBrew and manage my own ruby env there.

Algorithms and Learning

The last few days at SfN came at me, and maybe you, from all angles. It has been a deluge of information and insight into some amazing work. One ‘theme’ covered the mechanisms of learning from both biological and computational perspectives. Lets take a look at presentations from both vantages.

Beyond Place Cells

Thanks to O’Keefe and Dostrovsky 45 years ago place cells were discovered in the hippocampus. Since then people have been studying the neurophysiology of neurons to see how place, among other features of the world around us are coded. In this #SfN17 session presenters were urged to move ‘Beyond place cells’ and thankfully many have been doing just that for a number of years. However, many questions remain about mechanistically how the hippocampus and associated structures process for coding environmental features.

Myelin in the early and late stages of life

Blogging at SfN 2017

Hi! I am one of the 2017 Society for Neuroscience Bloggers. I will be posting at Neuronline under the official bloggers tags and at my website. I will be writing about these two themes: